Android Assistant

Today am going to throw some light about an app called Android Assistant.

There are various apps that offers utilities like Uninstalling apps, Volume Control, Battery Usage, Cache cleaner, File Manager, Start-up Manager etc. But Andoird Assistant offers all these utilities and more in a single FREE app.. WoW!!!

The ESP of this app is, it offers 12 features which every android user should have. The utilities are divided into three categories – Monitor, Process, and Tools.

In the Monitor tab, the following utilities are available:

1. CPU info: CPU used by System, User and Idle in a pie chart format. This information is updated every second, and basically you are watching the live feed of the CPU usage.

2. Memory Info: Used and Free Memory, again in a pie chart graphic, and again the information is a live feed which updates every second.

3. Battery Info: Gives the Level of Battery (in %), Temp (in both °C and °F), Voltage (in mV) and Health of the battery.

4. There is also a button ‘Quick Boost’, which actually frees the memory by cleaning up useless processes (The user can specify what is ‘useless’).

5. The second tab contains the Process Manager. It lists all the processes that are running like any other process manager app in the market. The process managers should be intelligent enough to identify what kind of process each are, so that we dont kill some important ones. This process manager list the processes in different colors to identify the processes running (Main process/Launcher process/Widget/Service) with the information about the CPU usage and the memory consumed. One can select a process to go into the details or kill it as well.

Then comes the Tools tab with a variety of tools highly useful for every Andoird user.

6. Volume Contol: a single place to control all kinds of volume – Ringer, Notification, Media, Alarm, Voice Call and System Volumes.

7. Ringer: Set your ringer profile here like Silent, Vibrate, Sound, Vibrate and Sound.

8. Startup Manager: Here again there are two tabs – User (downloaded apps) and System (Stock apps like FM Radio, Clock, Maps, Market etc). One can select what all apps should be killed while booting your phone.

9. Batch Uninstall: As the name says, one can select a set of apps and uninstall them at one go.

10. Battery Use: A list of apps in your phone along with the information about the battery consumption.

11. Save Battery Settings: Here one can activate/deactivate the services that consumes power (Bluetooth, Wi-fi, GPS, Auto-Sync, Orientation, Haptic Feedback, Brightness and Screen Timeout)

12. Cache Cleaner: List applications which has cache data and you select the application in order to clear the cache.

13. File Manager: Finally, Andoird Assistant also comes up with a File manager like Astro and Mini File Manager where you can browse your SD card contents and delete/edit/create or delete folders, etc.

Apart from these features, this app can also be used to mute the startup and shutdown sounds, and also kill ‘useless’ process in a pre-defined frequency in order to increase your memory and hence increase your processing speed. (Goto Menu–>Settings for these features)

All said, this is a must to have app coz it occupies just 448KB and gives features that 12 different apps offer and that for free of cost!! Thumbs up to Android Assistant



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